Hank Green Took My Camera by Craig Benzine

Hi dedicated Beardlovers!

I'm currently on tour with Hank Green and some other fantastic folks. No camera is safe around that man! If you'd like to see some of our shenanigans in person you can still find tickets to our upcoming shows at tourbecauseawesome.tumblr.com. Come see us!!

Also, super duper extra sorry about forgetting to update this website for, like, a month. I've just been busy and I was sick and I had a doctor's appointment and my dog ate it. Okay? I'll try not to forget about you guys ever ever ever again.



Car Accident Caught On Video by Craig Benzine

We were only in New York for an hour before I caught a car accident on video. Honestly it was bound to happen eventually with as much as I'm filming these days. Don't worry, no one was injured and it was very cut and dry who was at fault.

How to Survive a 6 Hour Drive by Craig Benzine

The trick, apparently, is to take a significant detour and turn it into an eight hour drive.

Music by Old Earth https://oldearthcontact.bandcamp.com/track/less-words-from-a-low-place-at-the-old-place