How To Relax by Craig Benzine

Dear Beardlovers,

In this crazy upside-down world sometimes you gotta figure out how to relax. This video represents my journey to the land of relaxation. Am I successful in figuring out how to relax? Well, that's debatable. Feel free to debate it in the comments, but really, I just hope you enjoy the journey. Watch out for upside-down clone.


This Will Solve All Of Trump's Problems by Craig Benzine

The secret to success...


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This is All Pretend by Craig Benzine

Impressions, singing chairs, weather reports, cooking, game of thrones recaps, Justin Bieber, and weird tongue tricks. Want anything else? Allow me to answer for you: "Um, I dunno. Maybe but I'll just watch this video, k?" Please, stop answering a question with a question.

iPhone vs Android: The ULTIMATE Taste Test! by Craig Benzine

The iPhone uses Ion-strengthened glass with oleophobic coating. Apple engineers collaborated with the company Corning to produce a glass that's even stronger than Corning's brand named glass, Gorilla Glass. Therefore, at the time of the making of the iPhone 6+ (which is what was used in this video. Thanks Mark!) Apple claimed it to be the most durable glass on the market.

The Android Nexus 5, on the other hand, uses the Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It's similar but since Apple worked to make their own special glass it's slightly different and allegedly less durable.

But the real question is, which one tastes better?