Changes May Be Coming. Tell me your thoughts. by Craig Benzine

Hey Beardlovers!

So I shot a video today that will go up Monday for the WheezyWaiter channel and I was kinda not feelin' it. Kinda tired, kinda getting bored with the usual set up. So then later in the day I shot ANOTHER video that will go up Tuesday that was more vlog style like WheezyNews but more focused and I had a great time! I shot some timelapse footage of The Good Stuff production and just sort of talked freestyle as I went around today.

I'm starting to think that I want to shoot everything this 2nd way. I'm getting sick of making videos for the sake of making videos. I kinda want to set a rule that I'm either making a video that's about some specific thing or a video about me doing some other thing (like shooting The Good Stuff, taking dance lessons, whatever). This will be a big change from the general Wheeziness but it's how I'm feeling about things these days. What do you think?


How to Get a Song Out of Your Head by Craig Benzine

The FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!! Now you have that song in your head. Better watch this video to get it out.

Also, I was unaware of the Julian Smith video on the same subject before I made this. At least, I don't remember watching it, though I may have. Apologies to the copy police.

That chewing gum article, garticle?

Does Breaking Stuff Relieve Stress? by Craig Benzine

Well.... does it????


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That article about the Anger Room: