What to Expect in Your 30s by Craig Benzine

As a man exceedingly in his 30s, today I give you life advice about what to expect. (pssst, those already in or past your 30s, don't tell them that everyone's experience is different & it's silly to take advice from one person as gospel.)

My Favorite Time Is Right Now by Craig Benzine

LIFE TIP: Don't live in the past. Or the future. It's actually physically impossible. For now. (unless you consider Einstein's Theory of Special Relativity, but then you could only go to the future and not come back, soooooo nyaaaah.)

8 Ways To Improve Your Life by Craig Benzine

This is perhaps the best video I've ever made. And I say that all the time so you know I have a lot of experience deciding that. I hope this video improves your life, unless it's already perfect. If so, well la ti da. Look at you.

Family Time by Craig Benzine

I wanna wish you all a happy #NationalWineDay & whatever other dumb thing today might be. We need an International Day during which we don't celebrate anything. I have decided on a day and reveal it in today's video. Also, I have a little family time.