Hello, my name is Craig Benzine. I’m also known as Wheezy Waiter here on the intertubes. I am a part of several video related projects but the one I’m probably most known for is the comedy YouTube channel, WheezyWaiter. If you’re reading this and you don’t already know this stuff I’m amazed that you found your way to this page. I wonder what fantastical adventure lead you here. It’s also unfortunate that whatever trials and tribulations you had to endure culminated with your arrival upon some internet jerk’s ‘About’ page. It must be disappointing. I only hope that should you decide to further pursue the depths of the Wheezy World it enriches your life in some way.

Anyway, that Wheezy Waiter YouTube channel I mentioned features my daily struggles with my clones, alligators, whale, incessant Eagle who I have to keep punching, and my ingenious observations on the news, life, everything, and nothing. Be warned, I call my viewers Beardlovers. That does not mean that you have to love beards, but it helps.

An educational YouTube channel that I started and that I am extremely proud of is called The Good Stuff. I produce it with several of friends and I enjoy bossing them around sometimes, but mostly I enjoy the content we create. Each episode is 4 or 5 videos in a playlist surrounding a theme such as airplanes, rockstar lifestyle, recycling, etc. To be clear, we don’t yet have a theme about “etc.” that was just me indicating that there were more themes.

I have another YouTube channel called WheezyNews in which I feature extreme miscellaneousness. Sometimes it’s just me ranting, sometimes it’s me chronicling a trip somewhere, and sometimes I talk with my esteemed colleague, Matt Weber, about certain topics for a show we call Topic Town.

And I have still ANOTHER channel called AlwaysWheezy which is unedited rants about various topics taken from my smart phone. Haven’t updated this one much at the time of the writing of this about page (10/28/14). (It’s weird to think that someday if I don’t update this date will seem really really ancient. Also, maybe I will continue to update, but one day will be my last update because I will inevitably die. Then, if the internet still exists thousands of years from now this about page will be really really REALLY ancient. Unless I nominate a surrogate who nominates a surrogate and so on and so on. But what’s the likelihood that would continue? Anyway, just a thought. End of parenthetical.)

And and ANOTHER channel called WheezyGamer which is commentary while I play games. Haven’t updated this one much lately either.

And get this! I do stuff on OTHER channels, too! I’m currently a recurring host on Mental Floss’s Big Question series. I also star in my friend’s web series, Platoon of Power Squadron. I also probably do other things I’m forgetting about.

There's also a beardlovers subreddit. And a wiki that needs a little updating but if you're looking for answers you may find some there.

Congratulations, you made it to the end of this about page. The percentage of people who watch or will watch what I do versus the percentage that will actually read this entire about page is probably very small. Not sure this was useful to write at all. I had fun though. And shouldn't that always be the goal? Thanks for reading!

Craig Benzine
Founder of Wheezy Industries LLC