RANDOM UPDATE / by Craig Benzine

All right, Beardlovers. Here’s a little update about the goings on in the Wheezyverse. One big thing that you Tumblys/websiters/tweeters are the first to know, there’s a new next video video!

You know when you click on the “next video” annotation at the end of my videos it takes you to a video of me angrily explaining that there’s no next video? Well now there’s a new one! And within that video there’s mention of a new email list you can sign up for. Wooooooohooooooooo! Who doesn’t want more emails? Here’s the video!

In other news, at some point in the coming weeks Wheezy Studios will be moving. Yep! Moving AGAIN! But Chyna and I are staying in the same apartamento. I had a discussion with Corporate Clone (which will eventually be reenacted in an upcoming Wheezy documentary) and he finally convinced me (he gave me some chips and salsa) that it made fiscal, fiduciary, financial, emotional & moral sense to move the Studios to another place where it can co-exist under the same roof as The Good Stuff.

But that means, that’s right, The Good Stuff is really getting going again! Hooray! It’ll still be a few months before we see the new stuff but we’re working really super duper hard on it.

Anyway, the new studio will be bigger, more well lit, and just all around better, methinks. There will be plenty of room for my clones, cloning machine, whale tank, alligator pit, time machine, and other stuff. Also, it’s on the top floor of a building which gives me good access to my sky bank again. Finally I can make transactions again. My bed has been getting really crowded with all those dolla dolla bills, yall.

Thats all for now. Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday/Monday!

Wink (ding),

Wheezy Waiter