Another WheezyVerse Update / by Craig Benzine

Just thought I’d check in again to let you know about all the stuff happening cuz there’s just so friggin’ much. Partly I’m writing this stuff out so I can keep track of it myself. Jeez.

Firstly, the new Wheezy Studios is up and running as I show you in the latest Wheezy Waiter video

Since that video I have started using different lights and there’s more stuff on the walls and it looks fantastic. Can’t wait to show you in the next video (which will also feature Sexy Clone so you better crank up that air conditioning if you know what I mean. Hubba hubba. Ahooogah. *eyebrows raise and lower* boing boing boing).

2ndly, Playlist Live happened a week ago and it was awesome to meet a bunch of you Beardlovers down there in Orlando as well as some of my old beardy friends. It was also awesome to spend time in a hot tub to melt off the last remnants of Chicago snow and ice still clinging to my body. Yeah, it stuck around for a while. Chicago cold transcends science.

But Florida wasn’t just for relaxing. No no no no. After Playlist I rented a car and met up with two of The Good Stuff crew, Ryan and David Wolff, in Fort Lauderdale so we could interview The Amazing Randi, a renown magician who, for decades, has been exposing hucksters and frauds who claim to be actual psychics and such.

After the interview Ryan, David, and I shared a rum bucket. It was glorious.

That interview will be in an upcoming The Good Stuff playlist called ‘Seeing Isn’t Believing’. TGS has actually been compiling lots and lots of interviews for upcoming playlists. It’s been a long time coming and I’m getting really anxious to show these things to you. It’ll be a few more months, however.

Let’s see. What else. I’ve done a few more Vines since we last talked. Including my favorite one to date which is Valentine’s Day themed.

My Snapchat is still going strong. Just look up ‘wheezywaiter’. If you haven’t ever used SnapChat, I understand. I was skeptical at first, too. But now that I’ve been using it a lot I’m actually quite enjoying it. It’s kinda like when I did the daily vlog but divided up into short clips and it’s a heck of a lot more expedient for me to use. So if you miss my daily adventures, I think this is a good replacement.

And there’s been a few new Crash Course: US Government and Politics videos as well as some new Mental Floss Big Questions.

And of course, I’m continuing to offer HUMOR TIPS on twitter every now and again.

This next week I’ll be putting out a few more WheezyWaiter videos and heading to Indianapolis to shoot some more CrashCourse. Then the following week I’m headed to New York City for a thing! (I’m not sure if I can talk about it.) AND throughout all of this I’ll be trying to find time to work on the new The Good Stuff videos.

Sheesh, so much going on. I hope this all makes sense to ya.

Wink (ding),

Wheezy Waiter

PS: I almost forgot, there’s some activity lately with my band Driftless Pony Club….hint: new songs.