Let's try some wordy type stuff. / by Craig Benzine

Hey Beardlovers!

From time to time I sit down to write up a little word post and say that I want to do more of these and then never do. Well, here's another one!

I'd like to give you a regular update about the goings on in the life of a YouTuber such as myself. I don't necessarily like to call myself a YouTuber but it just seems to be the easiest thing to call myself. A little quicker than Online Media Producer or Internet Entertainmentizer.

So what's happening these days? Well, there are several Wheezy Waiter videos either already done or in the works. You may notice from the most recent video that I'm sort of going back to an older style/feel of video. I'm really earnestly trying to do videos every weekday and bring back the style as it was when I was doing them every weekday in the past.

That style is more of a free association, fast paced, seemingly non-sensical style of jumping from topic to topic rather than a whole video about one thing. It's more of a conversation involving the days events and what's on my mind, all of which used as a vehicle to tell dumb jokes. And I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

Today I shot the next Explosion Wednesday video about how the universe is dying as well as Usain Bolt falling down after a cameraman ran into him. Yesterday I shot next Tuesday's video about donating poop for medical purposes. I still have to edit those. Monday's and today's (which will go up at 9:30pm) are already done. This is all very confusing and new to me to have videos done so far in advance.

The reasons for the planning ahead are both for the 3-day advanced upload on Vessel and because I just have so many things going on that it's good to have a buffer. Today I also shot some Matt/Craig hosting stuff for The Good Stuff's next video about Urban farming, AND comment responses from the previous video. Busy times here at Wheezy Studios.

Tonight is a Q & A for The Good Stuff Patreon supporters, tomorrow and Sunday I'll be editing and shooting more Wheezy videos to get a full week ahead of schedule.


Other things happening in my life: wedding planning, jogging (a lot) and losing weight, other possible secret projects, and listening to the audiobook Neverwhere read by Neil Gaiman. It's awesome.

Now I'm going to go have a beer. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Sierra Nevada was named Greenest Business of the Year so my conscience is clear.

That's all for now. Like I said and always say, I hope to keep you updated about the goings on in the Wheezy world as much as possible.

Wink, (ding)

Wheezy Waiter