Occasionally I decide to put on my life guru shoes. Today is one of those days. I had to go to the back of the closet to find them and dig out all the moth balls, the accumulation of which is quite strange considering we just moved, but I found them and now they're on. Don't worry, I put socks on first, my profundity socks.

So here's the list of top 5 ways to be more productive as promised from the top of this post.

1) Who says you have to be more productive? Just make sure you can put food on the table and enjoy life. Lots of people out there seem to be "more productive" but aren't really making anything useful, like dumb productivity lists, for instance.

2) If you really believe being productive makes you happy, by all means, go for it. At the risk of sounding like Nike and Shia Labeouf, just do it. Seriously, all ya gotta do is get the things in your head out into the world. I felt like being productive so I started this dumb productivity list.

3) If you start something and you don't like it, oh well. There's literally millions of things being made in the world right now and most of them are crappy. No big deal if your thing turns out to be crappy as well. At least you learned something. Doing stuff is the best way to learn stuff. Way better than reading dumb productivity lists.

4) Start with something easy. Don't think the thing you make has to take weeks or months. Do something small. Instead of writing a novel, maybe fashion an amazing tweet. As you get better at tweets then you can move on to paragraphs if you want to. You can even repurpose the tweets and string them together into full pages of stuff. I repurposed this dumb productivity list on Facebook into a blog post right here on this website.

5) Stop reading dumb productivity lists.