Quitting The Internet & TV for The Month of October!!! / by Craig Benzine

Yes, indeedy. Won’t be using the Internet or TV for the whole month so I’m writing this as a little good by.

There are some minor exceptions and I will drop in once in the middle of the month, depending on when I get my next video done. Here’s the rules:

-can check email for 10 minutes on Mondays and Fridays.
-can have 2 movie nights per week, but only one movie per movie night.
-can use Google Maps, but only for directions, not looking places up for reviews and such.
-I can upload my week daily videos for Patreon Patrons, but I can't look at them afterwards. Upload only.
-I will be uploading my next main channel video about exercise when it's finished, whenever that is. And I'll promote it on all the things, including here. But that's it. I won't check back in, read comments, etc.
-No music streaming or ebook downloading

So there ya have it. I’ll miss ya. Please don’t change TOO much.