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Hey! It's my first "real" blog post for the new website!


This is my new(ish) website. Mmmm, it has that new website smell.

I made my first blog post nearly 2 months ago when this site was ACTUALLY new. Now it's starting to get slightly older. My excuse for taking so long to post my second post is very compelling, I'm sure. That excuse will be forthcoming indefinitely.



Anyhoo, I just put up a video all about bubble baths. Have you seen it? Don't worry. I don't get naked. But be warned, I DO sing.

It features John Green! And Chyna! And candles! And bubbles! Since making the video I have taken exactly ONE bubble bath mid-day. I wished and hoped I'd take more, but I often just feel like I don't have the time. So far it appears this challenge didn't really stick. But I'm optimistic.



I've also declared on WheezyNews that I'm going to try to get ripped (or do strength training a lot or whatever). I've already made 2 videos about it, but the first one is very dizzying because I walked around in circles a lot. Maybe just listen to it.



1) Pep Talks in the Mirror (featuring Josh Sundquist interview)

2) Why do People Like Music (featuring Rob Scallon interview)

3) Chyna tells me all my flaws

4) Why do People Like Getting Ripped (featuring my trainer and Filup Molina)

5) How I got ripped! (maybe, months from now, if I get ripped)



I hope you have enjoyed this bloggy update. Let me know what your favorite part was and/or what you were eating while reading.


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Gabrielle Nielson
Gabrielle Nielson
Jun 02, 2020

Nice! Your writing skills are great. It sounds just like you and your videos. It like.... a video I can read 👀 Anyway. I am drinking water. I've only had that a French press this morning. That. French. Press. GOT ME SHAKING.


Nice to see your e-mail alert!


Rebecca J. Burke
Rebecca J. Burke
May 27, 2020

Whilst I ate turkey from the package (With only two slices left and no cheese, why bother with bread?), I most enjoyed your heartfelt apology for not posting.


Alessandr _0
Alessandr _0
May 27, 2020

Favorite part was the upcoming work since there is still not enough Wheezy on the internets. I was enjoying a pear, cheers!

May 27, 2020

Enjoyed the bath video. I love taking baths, but only manage to do it once ever month or so. I definitely don't wear shorts while doing it though... *_*

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