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Quitting Coffee Again!! (Wheezy Update)

Hey Beardlovers,

First of all, I’m sure most of us are thinking about Ukraine. Places where you can donate:

  • Save the Children - They work to save the lives of children all over the world. I actually have had a monthly recurring donation for a while now. They started a Ukrainian Crisis Relief Fund.

  • International Rescue Committee - From their website “The International Rescue Committee responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises, including the conflict in Ukraine and the crisis in Afghanistan.”

  • Razom for Ukrainę - They were established in 2014 and aim to help Ukraine pursue a democratic society that has civil rights for all.

  • Global Giving Ukrainian Crisis Relief Fund -They aim to help “affected communities in Ukraine, with a focus on the most vulnerable, including children, who need access to food, medical services, and psychosocial support.”

And of course there are many many more should you go looking.

We Quit Coffee AGAIN!!!

So we did this once before (and made a video about it because why do anything if you’re not going to make a video about it) and we ended up not really finding enough benefit for it to be worth it, HA! So…


Well, things that are different this time:

  • It’s not all caffeine, just regular coffee and (at least for me) caffeinated tea

  • It’s combined with ‘no alcohol’

  • I will hopefully do it longer than a month

Last time we eliminated chocolate and decaf coffee because they have some caffeine. This time I’m drinking decaf and it’s wonderful. We found a really good local decaf coffee, made by grinding whole beans and using the pour over method. DELICIOUS! It’s really making the whole process easier.

I used to think decaf was stupid and insulting. Deeply held friendships have been destroyed. Pets have been murdered. But I’ve changed my ways. Decaf is good. Pet murder is bad. Friendships, we’ll see if we can recover.

And I’m getting the benefits I noticed last time. Less crashes in the afternoon, general relaxed attitude, better focus, getting warmer outside. Actually that last one is probably just do to natural weather patterns.

My sleep hasn’t really improved, but I do notice that I feel better when I wake up in the morning. And I AM noticing a reduced energy feeling overall, like last time, but hopefully this will be reduced if I give it more time than month? I don’t know. I just try things okay.

I didn’t like having to rely on coffee. And the amount I was drinking was starting to creep up. And the jitteriness started to become noticeable. So even if this doesn’t last forever, it’s a good time to reset.

Stuff I Did

  • Latest video: How to Sleep Better for the Rest of Your Life - I mentioned this in the last newsletter. It’s still the latest video!

  • A couple livestreams on the 2nd channel - I’ve really been trying to get into more livestreaming lately. A few weeks ago I streamed me editing a video in which I laugh for 5 minutes every day. And last week a video an upcoming video about quitting alcohol.

  • Project for Awesome - I was ALSO on the p4a livestream for an hour. It’s the yearly Vlogbrothers charity event. Look how much money was raised! During my livestream I did a bunch of polls (Results at the end of this email) and I made a mocktail (which will be featured in the afore mentioned alcohol video)

Stuff I'm Doing

1) Upcoming Videos

  • Laughing for 5 Minutes Every Day for a Month

  • How to Immediately Improve Your Mood

  • Chyna and I make mocktails (4 months of no alcohol)

  • Why Don’t I Want to do the work I WANT to do - Overcoming Procrastination

  • How to Enjoy Working Out

  • Quitting Smartphone at home

  • Quitting Coffee

  • No TV (maybe, if my parents join because it’ll be a HUGE challenge for them)

2) More livestreams on Wheezynews of me editing (hopefully)

3) In Flickness and in Health! A new podcast in which Chyna and I watch series of movies and

talk about them, similar to our Christmas movie adventure last year. Currently (slowly) watching all Tom Hanks movies.

Stuff I'm Consuming

SHOWS The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - It’s back for season 4! Love it love it love it. If you watch it, pay attention to the long takes, the precise camera moves, the spot on performances, and the ridiculously elaborate set design. Jeez.

MOVIES Spiderman: No Way Home - I’m late to the party, I know. But (other than Dr. Strange’s questionable willingness to go along with the whims of a kid) I enjoyed it a lot. Funny, fast paced, and surprisingly emotional in the 2nd half. KIMI - Steven Soderbergh’s modern take on Hitchcock’s Rear Window. Suspenseful, violent good fun. I love everything Soderbergh does, even the stuff everyone hates.

GAMES Elden Ring- Hard to avoid hearing about it. It’s the new Dark Souls, but open world. I’ve only played for a few hours but I love it. Who knows, maybe I’ll livestream it at some point. Dust off the old gaming channel.

Sneaky Sasquatch - Apple arcade game I originally downloaded for my daughter (even though it’s probably for older kids) and then got addicted to it myself. It kinda reminds me of Stardew Valley in it’s structure, but you’re a Sasquatch on a campground.

The Project for Awesome Poll Results

Which is more awesome?

  1. Saturn

  2. Back to the Future Hoverboard

  3. A cat riding a roomba

  4. John Green’s Mustache

  5. Hank Green’s dancing - WINNER!

You have to choose one

  1. Coffee and tea no longer exist, but you have time to nap every day. -WINNER

  2. Ice cream is suddenly VERY healthy, but it tastes like Robitussin

  3. Internet is down, but TV is kinda better

  4. Dogs can talk but they’re really boring and don’t shut up

  5. You don’t have to use the toilet anymore but you always have a slight belly ache

If you had to have your mind trapped forever in a kitchen implement, which would you choose?

  1. Toaster

  2. Kettle

  3. Oven

  4. Fridge - WINNER!

  5. Sink

Who should narrate your life?

  1. John Green - WINNER!

  2. Hank Green

  3. WheezyWaiter

  4. Morgan Freeman (duh)

  5. Adele (singing)

What is the most interesting 30 day challenge I could do for a video?

  1. crying everyday

  2. all my media was in vr for a month

  3. only good news for a month - WINNER!

  4. reading obituaries every day

  5. switching from mac to pc for a month

I’d love your thoughts on this last question, since these are videos I will likely do at some point.


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