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I Took Cold Showers for a Month & I'm Back to Old Wheezy Style on the 2nd Channel

Good mornfterevenight! (I like that greeting and I have just now decided I'm going to say it at the beginning of every WheezyNews video.)

Here at Wheezy Industries, the gears keep turning. There's a new video about my experience taking cold showers (hint: it was awful)

But also, I've changed up what I'm doing on WheezyNews. For a while now I've been doing unedited, long conversations on various productivity and life topics.

Well, it turns out I actually ended up talking about every possible topic in the universe so now it's time to return to the silly old Wheezy Style I used to do on the main channel.

There's 2 videos so far and I hope to make multiple a week (though some weeks I'll be too busy):

And YEAH! I'm going to try biphasic sleep. I actually just started last night. So far it doesn't feel that different from the way I already sleep except now I'm getting more stuff done, which is fantastic.

And finally, be on the lookout for my next main channel video which should come out on June 25th, WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE BIDETS?

Wink (ding),

Wheezy Waiter

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